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Recommended: PLOS ONE 2015 Reviewer Thank You

I reviewed a paper for PLOS One in 2014 and got a nice acknowledgment, but I also reviewed a paper for the same journal in 2015. Here’s the acknowledgment for that contribution. They’re still having a bit of trouble with alphabetization (Steve Simon should be the last “Simon” on the list, but it’s not). Still, it’s nice to have a public record of my small contribution. Continue reading

PMean: Information about the Great Plains Collaborative Breast Cancer Study

I’m starting a new project as an independent consultant. Normally, I talk very little on my blog about specific projects that I work for, but this work is for a group, the Great Plains Collaborative (GPC) that is open about almost every aspect of the work they do. That’s music to my ears. Anyway, the GPC is involved with several projects and one of the ones I might do some of my work on is the Great Plains Collaborative Breast Cancer Study. Here is some information about this study, culled from sources available to anyone on the Internet. Continue reading

PMean: My research interests

I got an email from someone at UMKC with the title, Director of Undergraduate Research. She was

“looking through the abstract booklet from the Faculty Research Symposium sponsored by Lawrence Dreyfus’s office at the end of last semester, and I was really intrigued by your presentation on the likelihood ration slide rule. That’s just the kind of innovative work that undergraduate students would like to be involved with, and you would be an awesome mentor for undergraduate researchers.”

Flattery always works with me, so I took her suggestion of setting a faculty profile that undergraduate students at UMKC could review. Here’s what I put on that profile. Continue reading

PMean: A book review of my first book

I wrote a book about nine years ago and interest in it has largely died down. Perhaps I should write a second edition. Anyway, I ran across a book review that I had not seen before. It was published in 2006, but I never noticed it until now. Sarah Boslaugh wrote the review and it got published in MAA Reviews (MAA stands for Mathematical Association of America). It says some nice things like my approach was “fresh.” Dr. Bosluagh also likes my web site, according to the review. Continue reading

PMean: My Google Scholar profile

A while back, I set up a publication list in Google Scholar. It tracks the number of citations received by each article that I published. One of my articles has a massive 287 citations. I’m not the first author on this or on an of the other articles that received 100+ citations. So I’m mostly riding on the coattails of some very good researchers. Continue reading

PMean: My H-index

It’s a silly number, perhaps, but I tried to calculate my H-index today. The H-index lists your publications in order from the most cited to the least cited and then finds the value where rank order equals the number of citations. My h-index is 24 which means that I have 24 papers that have been cited 24 or more times. Confused? Here’s a better explanation from Wikipedia. Anyway, I used Research Gate to get an approximation to this (I’m not sure if Research Gate has an accurate citation count). Continue reading