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Recommended: Bayesian computing with INLA

This page promotes a new approach to a broad class of models (spatio-temporal models, latent variable models, mixed models) using a fast approximation to the Bayesian solution. It runs under R and appears to handle very large datasets. I have not had a chance to try this, but it looks very interesting. Continue reading

Recommended: Reporting and methodological quality of sample size calculations in cluster randomized trials could be improved: a review

The sample size justification for a cluster randomized trial is messy. It requires the use of an intra-class correlation or something similar (the authors use the term within-cluster correlation). In a review of 300 cluster randomized trials, the authors found that in only about a third of the trials did the authors specify the within-cluster correlation. Even fewer compared this to the observed within-cluster correlation observed in the data. We need to do better. Continue reading