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PMean: Extremely imbalanced multi-center trials

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There was some recent discussion of issues with multi-center trials where one center dominates, contributing as much as 94% of all the patients. What does this do to the generalizability of the study. I wanted to summarize these comments here, because it relates to some of the issues I’m looking at right now in accrual models for multi-center trials. Continue reading

PMean: Summary of my research interest in patient accrual in clinical trials.

My boss at UMKC (I’m part-time at UMKC and part-time independent statistical consultant) asked me for one of those “summarize the research you’ve been working on” so she could mention all the work being done by our Department for a talk she’s giving. Recently, I’ve been focused almost exclusively on one thing, and although she knew it very well, I sent her a summary anyway. Then, I thought, why not share the same summary on my blog. Maybe you’re curious or maybe you might be interested in collaborating. So here’s my summary about my work on Bayesian models for patient accrual in clinical trials. Continue reading