Cheat sheet

I have developed a cheat sheet for R. Cheat sheets for R have become quite popular. If you’ve never heard of a cheat sheet before, it is a brief tightly laid out summary.

The cheat sheet I am working on, How Big is Your Graph?, explains some of the functions that can measure how big various aspects of your R graph are, such as the horizontal and vertical size of the plotting region and the height and width of your strings.

The current draft of this cheat sheet (PDF format) was last revised in October 2016. If you have any suggestions about how to improve this cheat sheet, send me an email.

R Studio has some very nice cheat sheets on their website and I tried to model my cheat sheet after some of their examples. My cheat sheet is now one of the user contributed cheat sheets on that page.

I have some supporting information and extensions to the cheat sheet on my blog.

I might work on other cheat sheets. One that would take a lot of work, but would be quite valuable, I think, is a cheat sheet on date-time values in R.