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PMean: Still alive, but blogging is on hold

Someone noticed that I have not been posting recently. It’s not because I’m dead or ill or anything like that. I am migrating my blog and website to a markdown format. This is a fairly minimalist approach, but I’m hoping that it will make my site easier to maintain. Unfortunately, my work at UMKC got very busy right in the middle of the transition, so it might be a while before things get fully migrated. In the meantime, please be patient.

Another short biography

I am contributing a chapter to a book (proposed title: Randomized controlled trials in medical research – gold standard or unhealthy fixation) and the book editor wanted a brief biography that emphasized “any relevant teaching experience within Medicine or allied health sciences.” So I adapted an earlier short biography to put in some of my teaching experience. Here it is. Continue reading

PMean: My teaching interests, one page limit

I have been applying to a variety of jobs, and some of them, mostly universities, want a statement of teaching philosophy, research interests, or some combination. I enjoy writing these, except for the ones that have page limits. In this and the next few blog posts, I will share what I wrote. If you read these, it might give you a better idea of what I do at my current and previous jobs and what I would like to do in a future job. Here’s a one page limit statement on my teaching interests and experience. It won’t be one page on my blog because of formatting differences, of course, but it will be brief than I like. Continue reading