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Recommended: 1.1 Billion Taxi Rides with Spark 2.2 & 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Model Bs

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Mark Litwintschik has taken a large open source data set (1.1 billion taxi rides with data storage on the order of hundreds of gigabytes) and ran some benchmark queries on a variety of different systems. Perhaps the most humble of these systems is a cluster of three Raspberry Pi computers. This webpage talks about how he set up the software on this cluster. Continue reading

PMean: Super Pi, a group to teach cluster computing using the Raspberry Pi

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If you want to learn cluster computing and you didn’t have easy access, you had two choices. You could simulate a cluster computer on your laptop, or you could buy time in the cloud. There’s a third approach, build your own cluster computer system using several Raspberry Pi computers. Continue reading

PMean: Python, Raspberry Pi, and cluster computing

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I’ve been experimenting with connecting a small number of Raspberry Pi in a cluster computer, and a good place to start is MPI (Message Passing Interface). Unfortunately, many of the books and websites that I have looked at use examples in C and FORTRAN. These are fine languages, but ones that I am unlikely to need in the future. I want to explore MPI from with a newer programming language, Python. Here are some resources I have leaned on in getting this started. Continue reading