Information about me

Back in 1998, I started a website with a few informational handouts about Statistics. I added a page or two every week, and this eventually added up to well over a thousand pages. While most of the pages are about Statistics, I also wrote about Evidence-Based Medicine and Research Ethics. In late 2008, I started an email newsletter, but it is currently on hiatus. A year later, I started managing my references using Zotero, and I have a public site where you can look at all my references.

Starting in late 2013, I am using blogging software (WordPress) to post new information. I am hoping that some of the automated features of WordPress will simplify the creation and management of new content.

The name PMean is an abbreviation of Professor Mean, my alter ego on the Internet. I have an advice column called “Ask Professor Mean” where I point out that Professor Mean is not just your average Professor.

If you are curious about the person behind Professor Mean, my real name is Steve Simon. I’m married with one child. I currently work part time at the University of Missouri.  I recently updated my resume and documented my teaching philosophy and my research interests.

Here’s a picture of me taken by my son as I was walking up from the basement.