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Recommended: PheKB. A knowledge base for discovering phenotypes from electronic health records

Some of the work I am doing right now could be characterized as discovering phenotypes from electronic health records. So when one of my co-workers mentioned this database, I thought “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!” This is a list of validated algorithms for various systems, and typically refers to a peer-reviewed publication. So once I get my stuff published, I’m heading here next. Continue reading

Recommended: The Importance of Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology

I have not viewed this video yet, but have attended a similar talk and read a similar research paper by Keith Baggerly. His general message is that large biological and genetic experiments are sometimes designed so poorly as to invalidate the results. You can often discover these design flaws through a careful examination of the data sets themselves and their metadata. This process of uncovering design flaws is sometimes called “Forensic Statistics.” Continue reading