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Recommended: Welcome to DASL – The Data And Story Library

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The Data and Story Library (DASL) is a collection of small and simple data sets useful for teaching basic statistical concepts. It was originally housed at the Carnegie-Mellon website, but (like many classic websites) it disappeared one day. The nice folks at Data Description, Inc. (makers of Data Desk software) have revived and updated this resource. Continue reading

Recommended: Making it easier to discover data sets

This page is moving to a new website.

I heard about this from the UMKC Bioinformatics twitter feed. Google has a blog entry highlighting a new search feature they’ve developed, Dataset Search. It lets you find interesting data sets using standard Google search criteria. The system only works if people on the web provide reasonable documentation of their data sets. I’ve not had a chance to work with this yet, but it looks interesting. Continue reading

Recommended: Adherence to Methodological Standards in Research Using the National Inpatient Sample

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I normally don’t recommend articles that are stuck behind pay walls, but this is an important article. It shows how 85% of a sample of research studies using the National Inpatient Sample database failed to follow at least one of seven well documented practice recommendations of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Continue reading