PMean: Pretty good work for a part-timer

I had to provided some documentation for my supervisor on what I had done in the past year (May 2015 through April 2016). It’s a very brief summary, but it’s still pretty impressive, if I may say so.

I assisted with submission of eight external research grants: CERA grant, DOD grant, F31 grant, KCALSI grant, R15 grant, R21 grant, U01 grant, U24 grant. Several of these grants are still pending and the R21 grant looks like it will be funded. I helped two students get internal funding through the Sarah Morrison grant awards. I made five local presentations: the inaugural talk for the University of Central Missouri Statistics Club (Warrensburg, February 2016), a poster at the Faculty Research symposium (Kansas City, December 2015), a talk at IDAD (Kansas City, April 2015), and two talks for the Kansas City R Users Group (Overland Park, February 2016, July 2015). I provided guest lectures for MEDB 5561 Responsible Conduct of Research. I designed and helped teach a series of one hour intersession classes on R, SAS, and SPSS. I published four research papers and one book chapter.