PMean: UMKC is now offering Qualtrics software to researchers

One of the UMKC internal publications, UMatters, had a brief article about Qualtrics. What is Qualtrics, and why is UMKC offering it to researchers?

Qualtrics is a private company located in Provo, Utah, that provides proprietary software for conducting dynamic surveys online. Their target markets is businesses interested in consumer research and employee attitudes, websites interested in visitor feedback, and academic researchers. It has security levels that are sufficiently strong by the University of Missouri system to meet their DCL3 security standard, their second highest standard.

Even though UMKC has an agreement with Qualtrics, you need to pay additional funds out of your own budget to use it (here are the details).

There is an open source product, REDCap, that also conducts surveys, among other things. You may want to investigate whether REDCap meets your needs before investing in Qualtrics. I’m guessing that Qualtrics might have an edge on ease of use or ability to modify surveys dynamically, but I haven’t researched either product in great detail.

There’s a third product that UMKC researchers have used in the past, Survey Monkey. It’s a nice product, but doesn’t have any real advantages over REDCap.