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PMean: Changes to the Introduction to R, SAS, and SPSS classes

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I have helped develop and have taught (along with other faculty in our department) three one credit hour pass/fail classes: Introduction to R, Introduction to SPSS, and Introduction to SAS. These classes were developed back in 2014-2015 and they are in need of some serious updates. I will try to outline some of the updates that I think these classes need in this blog post. Continue reading

PMean: Mixed up variable names in SAS

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Some of my students in the Introduction to SAS class were having trouble reading in a tab-delimited text file, and it’s not too surprising, because some of the student in the Introduction to R class were having problems with the same file. Here’s some details about the data set, what problems it caused, and a couple of ways that you could fix it. Continue reading

PMean: SAS University. It’s SAS and it’s free

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I am teaching a class, Introduction to SAS, that I helped design, but one where another faculty member did all the heavy lifting. I used to teach SAS classes, and I even helped organize a regional SAS conference, but stopped abruptly in 1998. So I’m relearning SAS and one thing that is helping a lot is a product called SAS University which allows you to use SAS for non-commercial purposes for free. Here’s how SAS University works. Continue reading