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Recommended: Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center job opening for a GS-14 Statistician

I get a lot of emails mentioning job openings and I normally delete them unread. This one caught my eye, not because I wanted to apply for it, but because it illustrates how statisticians get to work on very interesting jobs. This is a Senior Statistician job at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston. If you got this job, you’d be providing assistance on “a wide range of biomedical and technical areas in support of space exploration.” How cool is that!

The other interesting thing is that they say that “accreditation by the American Statistical Association is highly desired.” I’m not accredited by the ASA and don’t plan on it anytime soon, but if you want to be the Buck Rogers of Statistics, maybe you should. Continue reading

PMean: What problems does introversion cause for a statistical consultant?

Someone posed an interesting question on the Statistics Consulting message board of the American Statistical Association. To paraphrase, her question was what sort of difficulties would an introvert have in statistical consulting and how do you teach those introverted consultants to overcome those problems. Here’s what I wrote. Continue reading

Recommended: This is Statistics promotional toolkit

The American Statistical Association is promoting careers in statistics though a new campaign titled “This is Statistics”. They just added some very nice promotional material: one and two page handouts, a PowerPoint presentation (a bit too glitzy, but still very informative), and a set of talking points. The materials emphasize the broad range of areas that statisticians work in, the very strong pay and high demand for statisticians, and the diversity of people who go into Statistics. Continue reading

Recommended: Communicating Statistical Findings to Consulting Clients Operating in a Decisionmaking Climate: Best and Worst Practices

There were a large number of excellent talks at the 2014 Joint Statistics Meeting. This session discusses practical issues associated with communication. Although I did not attend this session, it looks pretty good and the speakers have all placed their slides in a single location. Continue reading

PMean: Course proposal on setting up an independent consulting practice

I was asked to prepare a proposal on a short course about consulting for an upcoming Statistics conference. I had talked about this in an earlier blog post. Here is the official submission which includes the course description, outline and objectives, some information about my qualifications to teach the class, and a summary of how this class fits into the theme of the conference. Here’s what I wrote. Continue reading