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Recommended: Blind analysis: Hide results to seek the truth

This paper advocates something I would call a triple blind, keeping the doctor, the patient, and the statistician who analyzes the data in the dark as to which treatment group is which. This avoids problems where the people analyzing the data will either consciously or subconsciously manipulate the data to get a preferred result. Interesting idea, though it represents an awful amount of work to pull it off. Continue reading

Recommended: PheKB. A knowledge base for discovering phenotypes from electronic health records

Some of the work I am doing right now could be characterized as discovering phenotypes from electronic health records. So when one of my co-workers mentioned this database, I thought “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!” This is a list of validated algorithms for various systems, and typically refers to a peer-reviewed publication. So once I get my stuff published, I’m heading here next. Continue reading

Recommended: Conducting Clinical Research

This is a website associated with a very nice book on the pragmatic aspects of running a clinical trial. I came across this site because I was looking for a simple example of a letter to doctors asking them to help recruit patients for a clinical trial. This was in an appendix along with other nice examples of things like case report forms, serious adverse event forms, HIPAA consent template, etc. You can download a free PDF version of this book or you can buy a paper copy. Continue reading