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PMean: Misunderstanding autism

A friend of mine posted an inspiring story published in the Washington Post. Unfortunately, it did not inspire me, but rather made me worried about how often we misunderstand autism and how much trouble this causes. It’s not statistics, per se, but rather represents an example of how research on new approaches for patients with autism can end up being abusive. Continue reading

Recommended: Restoring invisible and abandoned trials

Too much research data goes unreported, leading to a serious distortion of the evidence base that clinicians need to make intelligent medical decisions. The authors of this paper in BMJ argue that if you can document that a study has been abandoned before publication, and if you formally requestthe researchers to publish the data, and if they fail to act within a certain amount of time,then the data should be considered public access so that you or anyone else could publish those results. It’s an interesting proposal and one that will generate a lot of controversy. Continue reading